August Media: private and public Wi-Fi solution

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August Media: private and public Wi-Fi solution

Why did they come to us?

Our client August Media is a leading communications agency, specialising in magazines and digital projects. They needed a reliable, secure public and private Wi-Fi solution, so they contacted our dedicated account management team.

What did they need?

August's wireless network was unreliable and its range was poor. Their network was open to unwarranted access from their guests using the internet.

How did we help?

Our team suggested a reliable and secure, high-end managed Wi-Fi solution with both private and public SSIDs used throughout the building. This allows full network access for staff and full internet and email access for guests on their devices, eliminating any security issues.

A contract was provided that would cover them for remote support of their network, servers and workstations. The remote support would mean our tech team could log on to our client's systems remotely to make diagnosing problems more straightforward. For more hands-on support, the package also included one day's onsite support from one of our IT specialists per week, where any specific issues could be resolved in person.

What were the benefits?

Since the changeover, our client has experienced reliable Wi-Fi throughout their building. They can offer a service to their customers with access to Wi-Fi in the knowledge that their network is secure from prying eyes.