Office, Wi-Fi -

Town house with office - Wi-Fi and audio & video streaming

Why did they come to us?

Our client needed a reliable Wi-Fi solution for their large family home, with secure access to data and printing over their company VPN. Additionally, they wanted media streaming for the family. So they contacted our dedicated network team.

What did they need?

Our client's wireless network was extremely unreliable, with constant signal dropouts with numerous Wi-Fi boosters throughout the property, which just added to the mess. Our client's home office needed a dedicated secure network. With teenage kids using every ounce of bandwidth a controlled-usage solution was requested too.

How did we help?

Our team suggested a reliable and secure high-end managed Wi-Fi solution with both private and public SSIDs used throughout the home. This allowed full network access for our client's main home office and full internet and email access for the family, together with controlled bandwidth, giving priority to the office Wi-Fi. Utilising a NAS storage solution, the family enjoy media streaming to computers, tablets, smartphones, Wi-Fi audio equipment and an entertainment suite via Apple TV.

What were the benefits?

Since the changeover, our client has experienced reliable Wi-Fi throughout their home. The days of frustration are gone, with secure faster broadband access and printing for the home office.