Season greetings from MR

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Season greetings from MR

Another tough year draws to a close, and it's time for a well-deserved rest.

We've seen some fantastic advancements across the tech industry this year, and exciting progress continues despite all the issues.

With global supply shortages, the big lesson of 2021 has been 'those who plan, get ahead', and we are here to help you do both.

Our virtual warehouses will hold stock for up to 3 months until you are ready for it to ship, speak to your account manager and start planning for those new hires, whoever they may be.

It's been another year of remote working, which many welcome as commutes no longer limit opportunity, and companies can source talent from far and wide. As this becomes the norm, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is more important than ever when securing and managing your fleet.

Whether Mac, PC, phone or tablet, or a mix of everything, we have the solution for you and can answer any questions you might have.

Like all of us, our team of fully certified Apple technicians will be taking a break. They have done us proud on the frontline keeping our clients going throughout multiple lockdowns. As a result, our service centres will be closed from 24th December until the 4th January 2022, when standard hours will resume.

Happy Holidays from all the team at MR, and we look forward to working with you once more in 2022. If you have anything you would us to discuss please reach out to your account manager, email or leave a comment below.

Yours sincerely,
MR team

Calendar December 2021

PS: a few interesting reviews, confirming that 2021 wasn't all that bad... In spring, Apple released a new form-factor, unbelievably thin iMac in funky colours

and later, in autumn, new MacBooks Pro with more ports, MagSafe and incredible screen


With that said, Apple's MacBook Air M1 from November 2020 made it to The Best of 2021, too 😉


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