Too many corpses being created!

Your Mac running macOS High Sierra 10.13 stopped at the startup screen that shows the Apple logo with a progress bar. You entered verbose mode with cmd-V and it shows a repeating message of "Too many corpses being created."

No, your Mac wasn't infested with zombies. There's no need to smash it with an axe and throw it in fire. This is what you could do:

  1. boot and hold cmd-R to start up from macOS Recovery
  2. if Filevault is on, mount the disk with Disk Utility and password
  3. run these two in Terminal
  • cd /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/var/db/caches/opendirectory
    (this should be one line and also use an escape character \ before each white space in the disk name, such as My\ Fancy\ Disk\ Name - if you actually just type /Volumes/, then a few letters and press TAB, it should fill the rest)
  • mv ./mbr_cache ./mbr_cache-old
  • restart

The first startup after running these commands takes a bit longer than usual as the cache is recreated, but subsequent startups will take the normal amount of time.


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  • Pavlo

    It works!!! Thanks a lot!

  • Mayank Patel

    Well it did something. After using the commands and restarting the Mac it’s now sitting at half bar for over 5 mins now instead of the full bar issue prior to this. Will update if it does anything ahead of this.

  • Alpesh

    Had the same issue… did what you’ve suggest and Mac started up 👌🏽
    Thank you!!

  • Mohammed Taher

    It wirked.
    You saved my day. Thank you very much.

  • Natalia

    Whoever made this tutorial THANK YOU SO MUCH, you save me a lot. It works!! Firts i hace troubles with the commands.. the espaces and everything but i keep doing it until it works. You just need to be a little patience. In my case when i entered the commands the Terminal didn’t response back, so i wasn’t sure if i was doing it correctly.

  • Oscar

    Thank you very much for the answer, it is the only thing that served me after two days of searching

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