Before you come in

Please follow these instructions before you come to our service centre as it may speed up the repair or save time spent in our reception. Note that most of these instructions are for iOS devices as they have more security-related settings.

1. Back up your data

Please be sure to back up the data on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. If you haven't backed up your device yet, it may take longer to do the first backup. It is better to try while you're at home. Learn how to back up your iOS device or a Mac.

Under some circumstances, during repairs of iOS devices, we need to replace the whole device, or our service provider erases the iPhone. That's why your backup is important.

We cannot do a back up or transfer of iOS devices at the moment as it can take hours to do a full backup. Please make a backup with either iCloud if you can still access the device, or using iTunes on your Mac or PC. Note that if you do Encrypted Backup, your backup will also contain all passwords, so your migration to a new device is much easier.

If your free iCloud doesn't have enough space, please consider upgrading to paid 50 GB tier - it is only 79p per month. Unfortunately it is not possible to do this via a browser, so you will need to do this on your (or a friend's) Mac or iOS device signed in to your iCloud. If your iCloud has two-factor authentication and you don't have access to other device, you will need to get an SMS or try to verify with other options.

Then connect your iOS device to a Wi-Fi and a charger. If you cannot use the device (because of broken screen), the device should still connect to your home Wi-Fi and run the backup while being charged.

Note you can find out about the latest backup from another device.

  • If you have a Mac, you can go to System Preferences > iCloud and under Manage > Backups you will find dates of recent backups
  • On iOS, it is in Settings > iCloud >Storage > Manage Storage > Backups.
  • In any browser, log in to and go to Settings. Click on your device in My Devices, and check the date in grey letters under the device's name.
    Latest Backup on

2. Erase your iOS device

We will expect you to agree to this Data security consent to go ahead with the repair:

“I understand that while shipping and performing service, Apple and its agents take reasonable precautions to protect the data on my device from unauthorised access. However, I recognise that to fully secure the data on my device Apple recommends that I back up the data and erase it from my device before submitting it for service.”

Turn off Find My Device

To service your device, Find My Mac, iPhone or iPad will need to be temporarily turned off. In order to turn off Find My iPhone, you must know your Apple ID and password. The switch is in Settings > [your name] > Find My. For detailed instruction, including how to switch FMi with a non-responsive device, see this article.

If you are unable to turn off Find My, Apple cannot provide support services. This policy is in force to prevent unauthorised persons from servicing your device without your knowledge. If you don't remember your Apple ID and Password, please go to iForgot.

Sign off iCloud

Especially with iOS 10, we need the device to be signed off iCloud. You will find it in Settings > iCloud, then scroll all the way down.

We need to run diagnostics

If you erased the phone, please activate the device and set up the phone as a new iPhone or iPad with no signing into iCloud and no passcode. If you didn't, please give us your PIN so we can run the diagnostic tool from Apple. No personal data will be uploaded or kept.

3. Remove your SIM

This looks somewhat obvious but we do have a fair number of people forgetting their SIM in the device which may get replaced by a new unit. We have no ways to get a forgotten SIM back from Apple.

Other considerations

Some repairs take time

We are proud of our team able to help you while you wait, but there are limitations.

For Apple warranty repairs, we have to use parts which are the exact match for your device, so we do not stock most of the parts. We need to open your device, get additional details such as a serial number of the failed part, order it, receive it (the parts usually arrive the next day) and fit it. That's why our minimal turn-around is two days.

We usually have Mac memory upgrades and replacement drives in stock and we can install them the same day. If you're coming to us with a hard drive fault, we will try to convince you to upgrade to a solid-state drive which is much more reliable as it has no moving parts, it is also up to 10× faster, consumes less energy thus generates less heat, and is completely quiet.

We do stock iPhone 6 and 6s batteries and replace them while you wait. Note that iPhone 6s battery is covered by Apple's warranty extension. If you need same day screen repair, it takes five hours so please allow time by bringing it before 1 pm (11 pm on Saturdays).

Update your software

By the way, many issues can be resolved by updating the software. Learn how to update your iOS device or a Mac.

Gather everything for your appointment

Be sure to bring the power cord or adapter, especially if you have power issues (device not starting or not charging properly) and any other accessories that might help us troubleshoot the issue. But please don't bring any cases or bags.

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