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About serial numbers

The serial number (SN) is a unique identifier of your device. When you ask us to give you a quote, your device's SN helps us to find specific parts and also find out about possible warranty extensions or alternatives, which may speed up your repair, make it cheaper or even free.

Where to find the serial number

The SN is typically 11 to 14 characters, both letters and numbers. Please follow up our guides below to find the SN of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Macs (both desktop and notebooks), and other hardware. You can also get the SN from Apple ID page. And if the guides won't help, please check packaging, the SN is always there on the original boxes, or your receipts, both paper ones or those in your email.

Please note that Apple serial numbers sometimes contain the number 0 (zero), but never the uppercase letter O.

iOS devices 

Older iOS devices had the number written on its back, but recent iPhones only have IMEI number written on its SIM tray. It is quite little, so if the device still starts, try to copy it from Settings > General > About > Serial Number.

About > Serial Number

Tap and hold the value, and copy it. Then you can paste it in a form. It is a good idea to keep a track of your device serial numbers in e.g. Notes app.

If you synchronise your iOS device with iTunes, you will find the number in iTunes > Preferences > Devices.


The serial number is usually written on the bottom of the hardware - either on a bottom case of a notebook or Mac Mini, or on a feet of an iMac. But if the Mac still works, the easiest is to go to Apple menu (top left corner) and select About This Mac.

As there were changes in versions of operating systems, it is difficult to cover all of them, but in most of them you will be able either to:

  1. copy the serial number directly from the window which appears,
    About This Mac
  2. or click a button System Report, or More Info, to open an utility which gives detailed information about your Mac (to get there faster, you can also hold alt key and click the Apple Menu to change About This Mac to System Information). 
    System InformationThe utility, called System Information, or System Profiler in earlier versions, is located in Applications > Utilities. Recently, it got a new, useful feature - if you press cmd-4, it will spell the SN aloud for you (File > Speak Serial Number).

Other hardware

We cannot list all the hardware but just a few:

  • Apple  TV
    • bottom of the device
    • Settings > General > About
  • Apple Watch
    • back of the watch
    • Watch application > General > About > Serial Number
  • AirPods
    • top part of opened case
    • Settings > General > About > [device name]  (also other W1 headphones)
  • Keyboards, trackpads, mice
    • bottom of the device
  • AirPort
    • bottom of the device
    • AirPort Utility > [enter password] > pop-up window

Apple ID

Finally, it's quite simple to find the serial numbers of your devices associated with your Apple ID, such as by signing to iCloud or using iTunes. Go to and log in with your Apple ID. Scroll down to Devices, click on the one you need and copy the serial number from the pop-up window.


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