Update to privacy policy, May 2018

The times are changing and with them, we also change the way we deal with your data. From now on, we are going to

  • tell you how we deal with them in plain language,
  • keep as little data as possible, for as little time as possible,
  • provide a simple way to check what details we have about you in our databases,
  • send you marketing messages only if you specifically ask for it by signing in to one of our easy-to-understand mailing lists.

Details we collect for marketing

If you decide to receive marketing messages from us by signing to one of our lists, we only ask for your name and surname, and your email.

We are using industry-standard mailing list web service which is GDPR-friendly and as such, it

  • provides the signup forms in plain English with no double meanings or negatives,
  • has easy and readable URL mrsystems.co.uk/subscribe (which redirects to mailing list provider),
  • sends you an email to confirm your subscription, and then a confirmation of your subscription,
  • attaches to every marketing message a simple and visible unsubscribe link and also another one where you can check or edit your details.

Details we collect for repairs

To start a repair, we do require more details.

  • We need your email so we can send your job sheets and invoices.
  • We would like to have your mobile number so we can send you SMS with notifications such as repair quote or that the device is ready for collection.
  • We need your address for a possibility you won't pick the device up and we need to send you a letter to collect it within 6 months before disposal.
  • All those details above are also required to open any repairs with Apple. In these cases, we share the details with the company who is known for being the best in the industry to protect personal rights and privacy.

After the repair, we don't want to hold on your details longer than necessary.

  • We mark your details for deletion when you come to pick up the device, and we will delete your data in one month from that date.
  • After that, we only keep the job details (serial, symptoms, parts ordered and repair actions) so we can review the previous repairs but anonymously.

Account customers

We don't delete customers and their details who have an account with us as we use them for deliveries and invoicing.

  • We ask them for a data keeping consent separately, during the account setup.
  • For marketing purposes, we use the same mailing list service so your new subscription is needed.

Why are we doing this?

  • To help us comply with the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulations that come into effect on 25 May 2018.
  • But we also value our customers' privacy and believe that we only should send marketing to genuinely interested customers.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at marketing@mrsystems.co.uk