SSD upgrades

  • Huge performance boost
  • Silent & reliable SSD technology
  • Full data migration included

Slow Mac? Cannot afford a new one?

Following the market shock of Apple increasing their prices by an average of 20-25% on all Mac products, the MR team have found a solution that can help clients save cash. Revitalise your existing Macs and score green points as this solution is great for the environment and eradicate those spinning beach balls!

SSD business upgrade advantages

To keep you updated with what we are offering clients in terms of value. As Macs get older they tend to slow down, not due to hardware failure, but due to the higher demands of newer operating systems and more complex software.

Great news as the team at MR have found a solution, which in turn points to huge savings for our clients by upgrading older Macs, saving the cost of new models and with the benefit of revitalised faster systems making your staff more productive and less stressed!

If you are interested in discussing this further please do get in touch. We are so confident that you’ll see the benefits of this service that we suggest that clients upgrade one unit to test this new technology in house and experience the difference, prior to a more substantial commitment.

So if you have any contacts, both on a business and personal level, with a Mac who is complaining of the dreaded “spinning beach ball”, general slowness or unnecessarily thinking they need a new Mac, please let them know that MR can help.

SSD roll out case study

Upgrading has made a huge difference to the machines that were 3 - 4 years old. They’re faster than new and have drastically improved the speed of applications, such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

For machines that were around 5 years+, the upgrade has improved things and it definitely means that we’ll be able to eek a bit more life out of them. The improvement is less marked than the newer ones, but worth doing as it means that we can delay this year’s replacement cycle for a year and possibly halve the number of new machines that we need to buy next year, saving us the price of around 6 new iMacs. These machines have gone from barely usable to serviceable for general office use and light design work.

Thanks for all your help with the upgrades!


Seamus McDermott, Digital Editor, APL Media