Technology as a Service

Subscriptions for business customers

With typically 12% of UK disposable income spent on subscription services, such as car leasing, TV and music, the time has come to offer the best of our I.T. services on a subscription basis to our valuable account customers.

With Technology as a Service (TaaS), you can purchase hardware, software, plus a range of services – such as deployment, training and management of devices under one agreement, allowing you to regularly access the latest hardware, software and services and always be up to date.

How it works

As if you are purchasing outright, choose your wish list of hardware, software and services. Sign the documentation once and add to your kit list whenever. Enjoy the latest tech for 3 years with full hardware cover. Refresh kit every 3 years for a similar budget.

80% of companies see demand from their customers for subscription services
(Economist Jan 2016)

Cloud Infrastructure services volumes are up 52.3% YoY to £7.2bn
(Canalys Jul 2016)

37.6% companies expect to move to PCaaS within 3 years
(IDC Dec 2016)

Case study

Startup of ten iOS developers. Need for powerful desktops to run Xcode, professional laptops for roaming use, iPads for testing and iPhones to stay connected. Buying ten of each would cost over £40,000.

Solution is our MR TaaS subscription. The equivalent of a £40k outlay translates down to as little as £34 a day. You will know your exact quarterly or monthly IT spend, and you can plan your future IT budget accordingly.


  • Reduce upfront IT investment cost
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Faster access to latest technology
  • Budget with consistent monthly/quarterly payments
  • Stay current - refresh every 3 years
  • Fully tax deductible
  • Full MR hardware warranty cover


(prices exclude VAT)