Tribute 7

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Ultrasone was the first manufacturer in the dynamic headphone segment to combine luxury and professional sound at the highest level. The sound reproduction of the Tribute 7 is identical to that of the earlier Edition 7. Accordingly, every Tribute 7 has an accompanying measurement report.

Individual serial numbers emphasise the uniqueness of each individual Tribute 7. Highly polished, metal-coated brass logo plaques adorn the aluminium ear cups, which are milled from a single block of the highest-quality aircraft aluminium and then carefully anodised in the colour "mystic blue".

During development we placed great emphasis upon the combination of cutting-edge technical standards, exquisite materials and the highest-quality craftsmanship, leaving nothing to be desired. The head pad is covered with finest anthracite-coloured Alcantara®. The ear cushions, coated with Ethiopian sheep leather, gently adjust themselves to your ear and provide excellent insulation. Sounds from outside can barely noticed, allowing for impressive listening pleasure.

Patented S-Logic® Plus technology ensures a unique spatial sound. S-Logic® Plus provides extraordinarily neutral sound characteristics, so that the spatial impression of every voice and every instrument is highly detailed and authenic. The integrated ULE technology (MU metal shielding) ensures that exposure to electromagnetic radiation is reduced in accordance with the ULE standard.

A wooden box made of cherry wood in cabinetmaker quality provides a safe place for storing your headphones at home. An additional hard case (included) provides protection for on the go, in case you would like to take your Tribute 7 headphones with you on your travels.

Two detachable cables, developed especially for these headphones, tonally aligned and made from 99.9% oxygen-free copper, are also included. The cables can be easily and securely connected to the Tribute 7 by means of a B-lock connection. You will receive a straight 1.2m cable with gold-plated 3.5mm stereo jack and a straight 3m cable with 3.5mm stereo jack. Accessories also include a screwable 6.3mm adapter.

Technical specifications

  • Principle: dynamic, closed
  • S-Logic® Plus technology
  • ULE technology
  • Impedance: 30 Ohm
  • Driver/Driver size: Mylar/Titan, 40mm
  • Magnet: NdFeB
  • Frequency range: 8 - 35,000 Hz
  • SPL: 96 dB
  • Weight (excl. cord): 396g
  • Handmade in Germany


  • Two detachable cables with B-lock connection:
  • 1.2m cable with gold-plated 3.5mm stereo jack
  • 3m cable with 3.5mm stereo jack
  • 1x wooden box made of cherry wood
  • 1x hard-sided carrying case
  • Micro fiber cleaning cloth