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Universal Audio 2-1176 Vintage limiting Amplifier

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Universal Audio's 2-1176 is a two channel analogue FET compressor, features two channels of the Class A circuitry, custom designed output transformers, and FET-type gain reduction from the original 1176LN all stereo matched for improved stereo imaging. The unique sound and stereo capabilities of the 2-1176 have beckoned a wide range of artists and engineers to call on its services while recording their albums. With switchable options of Link mode for stereo compression, or Dual mono mode, the 2-1176 offers twice the character and twice the features of the original in one unit. Includes the classic All buttons mode. The 2-1176 builds from the circuit design of UA's hugely successful 6176 Channel Strip and combines two 1176 channels from that unit an uncompromising design, with all the same components stereo matched to boot!