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Whether you want to install a full suite of solutions from a single manufacturer, or mix and match, we can deliver the IT installation to suit your business and your budget. We supply complementary hardware and software from the world’s most renowned manufacturers – and then implement them to operate harmoniously, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Financial Services

Did you know that you can hire your hardware with monthly or quarterly payments, rather than purchasing? This option keeps your financial outgoings tidy, and ensures you always have the latest technology that refreshes automatically – the perfect circle of life. You can also lease any hardware via tailored plans from our partners such as Apple Financial Services, if you wish to keep the kit at the end of the term.

Extended and Enhanced Warranties

Elevate your Apple experience with MR CARE. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to assist with any technical issue, minimising any disruption.

We also provide complete device coverage, ensuring peace of mind. For businesses larger than 50 people, AppleCare for Enterprise offers scalable support solution

Device Management

Apple MDM Enrolment: Streamline your device management with ABM and manage it with Jamf or Kandji.
Windows MDM Enrolment: Streamline your device management with AutoPilot and manage it with Intune.
Android MDM Enrolment: Streamline it with Samsung Knox or Android Zero Touch.

Extended Warehouse

Virtual Warehouse Storage: Securely store and manage your Apple products with our virtual warehouse solutions.

What does it mean? This is great if you don’t have much storage space, or if you want your kit delivered on time. When you plan ahead, we can make sure anything you need has been ordered and is safely stored with us, so it can be ready to ship whenever to wherever.

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