Authorised Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac repairs

Please go to to find repair prices. 

Please note that we don't accept cash, AMEX and payments over the phone.

Book in and drop off

Go to to get your repair reference number and a QR code to drop the device off.

Please make sure you have a backup. It's best to remove all personal data from the device. Apple also require Find My [device] to be off before device replacement. If you need to unlock your device, try a dedicated support page first: Turn off Activation Lock.

We cover all Apple warranty and out-of-warranty repairs. Please note that Apple Limited Warranty (one year which comes with your device) doesn't cover software issues and physical damage. We or Apple are not responsible for your data. To find out more, please see section General terms and conditions.

To make an appointment, please go to and Apple will help you to determine if this is a software or hardware issue (sometimes, a backup, erase and restore may be necessary for that, especially with iOS devices and issues such as battery life).

If it turns out it’s indeed hardware problem, we will be happy to provide hardware diagnostic and repair, as well as software troubleshooting (which may be chargeable). You will be able to make an appointment directly on the support website in one of our two convenient Central London locations.

You will find contacts and directions at - or just search for MR Islington or MR Shoreditch in your browser or maps.

Erasing your iOS and iPadOS data

Important message: All iPhones which we process will need to be erased completely before the attempted repair. This is to protect your data and a requirement in order to carry out the repair.

Find my iPhone must be disabled for any repairs, too. It is a requirement from Apple and not doing so will delay your service.

Do not forget to remove your SIM. Please see more in our Before you come in article.

Same day screen repairs

Same day screen repair is available for iPhone 6s and later. Prices and terms below. We don't charge any premium for the quick turnaround. Older iPhones need to be send off for the screen repair and take three to five business days. 

Note that you have to bring your iPhone for the screen repair before noon, or before 10:30 on Saturday, to get it back the same day. This repair service is strictly for the screen and if other issues are found (liquid ingress, damage to other parts), the repair could be rejected or delayed.

Battery repairs

For power issues, we’ll give you the repair price after we determine the cause.

Apple is continuing to increase inventory levels for iPhone replacement batteries. However, some battery parts may be in short supply temporarily.

Quick diagnosis

We attempt to diagnose all your Apple devices as soon as possible. When possible, in-store, in-person initial diagnosis and a chat with a technician are free (up to 20 minutes). For collections, we need to charge diagnostic fee. We hope to complete repairs the same or the next day, depending on part availability and queue (with strict first-in, first-out policy).

We are Premium Service Provider authorised by Apple and so we have fully qualified Apple technicians who continue their training on an ongoing basis to ensure your Apple repair is carried out to the highest standard.

We will keep you updated about your repair with emails and text messages. You can always check your repair using our My MR page.

We check if your device qualifies for an extended warranty program by Apple. In some cases, we can also upgrade or even part exchange your old Apple device. We offer free data migration to devices purchased from us (conditions apply).

Easy to reach

We are in two central London locations, yet outside of the congestion zone:

  • Islington, within easy walking distance of three main tube lines - Northern, Victoria and Piccadilly;
  • Shoreditch, ten minutes from Old Street, Shoreditch High Street or the City.

We can pick up and return any Apple desktop computer that is covered under AppleCare at no cost. Please note this is only within the London area.

We will call or email you back

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