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If you need to unlock your device, try a dedicated support page first: Turn off Activation Lock

Book in and drop off

Go to to get your repair reference number and a QR code to drop the device off.

Please make sure you have a backup. It's best to remove all personal data from the device. Apple also require Find My [device] to be off before device replacement. If possible, clean the device well.

We cover all Apple warranty and out-of-warranty repairs. Please check out our dedicated pages for Mac, iPadiPhone and Apple Watch repairs, where you will also find our prices for different types of repairs.

To make an appointment, please go to and Apple will help you to determine if this is a software or hardware issue (sometimes, a backup, erase and restore may be necessary for that, especially with iOS devices and issues such as battery life).

If it turns out it’s indeed hardware problem, we will be happy to provide hardware diagnostic and repair, as well as software troubleshooting (which may be chargeable). You will be able to make an appointment directly on the support website in one of our two convenient Central London locations.

You will find contacts and directions at - or just search for MR Islington or MR Shoreditch in your browser or maps.

Apple Ethics, Business Conduct and Privacy Policies

MR Sales Plc as an authorised participant in Apple’s Service Provider programs must adhere to all Apple's performance criteria, business practices, and policies, including, but not limited to:

Apple Supplier Responsibility and Privacy Policies

Underlying the way we do business at Apple is one fundamental principle: use good judgment. Service Providers will comply with the Apple Supplier Responsibility Policy, Channel Member Code of Conduct and Apple’s Privacy Policy. These policies establish the basic legal and ethical parameters under which Apple and all Service Providers must operate.

Handling Customer Data

Service providers must respect all customer data and handle it in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy. Special care must be taken to ensure that customer data is not disclosed to any third party, and therefore any media that contains customer data must be completely removed or erased prior to any redistribution. 

Therefore, when replacing an Apple Product as part of service, erase any customer data from the replaced product before sending it to Apple for processing to eliminate the risk that such data may be subject to unauthorised access. 

Check the Apple Authorised Service Provider certification for:

General terms and conditions

About software issues

Please note that Apple warranty or AppleCare covers hardware repairs only (unless there was physical damage - see below). Apple guarantees that the hardware is in the best shape and provides warranty. Apple Limited Warranty is valid within one year after purchase. AppleCare (purchased separately) is valid two (iOS devices) or three (Macs) years after purchase.

Software, on the other hand, is provided 'as-is', which means any use of the software after initial boot could potentially cause problems with the software. Apple regularly updates and upgrades its software to provide the best possible service, but as with most software developers, doesn't guarantee the software will be fit for purpose all the time. Apple provides easy-to-use tools to initialise storage and reinstall software, which restores the device to its initial state but cannot guarantee the combination of their system and third party applications will work under all conditions.

About physical damage

Physical damage, such as a liquid or mechanical damage, is not covered by warranty.

Manufacturer's warranty covers issues such as manufacturing faults (e.g., component failure), or problems with a normal wear and tear (e.g., broken hinges with no signs of abuse). Apple also often extends the warranty if individual components or units fail at an unprecedented rate (such repair programs are listed here).

Even extended warranty, such as AppleCare, doesn't mean you're covered against physical damage, losing your device or theft. We recommend that you have insurance for your devices.

Apple sells its own insurance called AppleCare+ which covers up to two incidents of accidental damage. Check if you have it. Length and price of the coverage of the different products vary.

About customers' data

It is the sole responsibility of customers to have a copy or backup of their data. Neither Apple nor MR can guarantee that data won't be lost during a repair and MR Sales PLC are not responsible for any data loss or data security. While performing service, and/or shipping parts or the device, Apple and its agents take reasonable precautions to protect the data on your device from loss or unauthorised access. However to fully secure the data on your device, Apple recommends that you back up the data and erase it from your device before submitting it for service.

Some standard troubleshooting procedures involve storage structure repairs that can result in loss of data. Another even requires storage initialisation or a system reinstall to restore the device to factory settings. Customers are therefore strongly advised to have a continuous backup (e.g. using Time Machine which is a part of Mac OS X, or iCloud backup  available in iCloud settings on iOS), and to make a copy of sensitive data before bringing the device for repair.

We try, of course, to avoid any data loss and we will call you before using any tools that could result in data loss, but we cannot guarantee that accidents won't happen. We will also assist with data recovery if the storage is faulty. The best and only way to avoid such disasters in the first place is to have a backup strategy already in place. We can help you to set up the backup of your device during initial training and for the best security of Mac data, please check out our Cloud Backupsolutions - your data is safer when backed up to a location other than your home or office.

Quick diagnosis

We attempt to diagnose all your Apple devices as soon as possible. When possible, in-store, in-person initial diagnosis and a chat with a technician are free (up to 20 minutes). For collections, we need to charge diagnostic fee. We hope to complete repairs the same or the next day, depending on part availability and queue (with strict first-in, first-out policy).

We are Premium Service Provider authorised by Apple and so we have fully qualified Apple technicians who continue their training on an ongoing basis to ensure your Apple repair is carried out to the highest standard.

We will keep you updated about your repair with emails and text messages. You can always check your repair using our My MR page.

We check if your device qualifies for an extended warranty program by Apple. In some cases, we can also upgrade or even part exchange your old Apple device. We offer free data migration to devices purchased from us (conditions apply).

Easy to reach

We are in two central London locations, yet outside of the congestion zone:

  • Islington, within easy walking distance of three main tube lines - Northern, Victoria and Piccadilly;
  • Shoreditch, ten minutes from Old Street, Shoreditch High Street or the City.

We can pick up and return any Apple desktop computer that is covered under AppleCare at no cost. Please note this is only within the London area.

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