Active Directory integration

MR can help you seamlessly integrate a Windows Active Directory domain, with advanced Windows Group Policy support for desktop lockdown.

We know all there is to know about integrating Mac into Active Directory so we can help configure everything you need to get your Macs on the network.

Integrating your Windows AD with your Macs allows you to manage all your desktops and devices using a single system, reducing IT costs and ensuring that all your existing Windows permissions are carried for your Mac users.

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AD integration including single sign on and uniform permissions across platforms. Having a clear, centralised overview of your IT estate will save you time and resources, as you’ll be able to manage your AD directory under one roof.

Key points

  • Shared storage integration to ensure storage volumes are accessible to all users.
  • DAS and SAN setups for your Mac workgroups.
  • File management to ensure secure, any time, any place access from Windows, Macs and iOS devices.
  • Improved security thanks to uniform permissions across devices and platforms.
  • Universal access to files, folders and services for end users, no matter what platform they’re on.