At MR we have built extensive knowledge of how our clients store and manage data. We provide bespoke storage solutions and bolt-on remote and onsite support for your peace of mind.

Whether you access large files such as audio and video content, or want to archive projects for future access or compliance, call the MR team. We'll be there to back up files at every stage of your workflow, minimising the risk of data loss. We can set up and manage archives for long-term storage and ease of future access to this data.

Onsite backup

We teamed up with ARCHIWARE to provide the most reliable onsite backup solutions where any of built-in solutions aren't enough. Archiware has a software for any situation, to be used with any hardware.

  • P5 Synchronize - Replicate data to ensure high-availability. Mirror between locations. Availability for time critical data
  • P5 Backup - Back up server data to disk and tape. Interruptible backup process. Optional restore for single users. Simplified off-site storage. Snapshots offer point in time restore
  • P5 Backup2Go - Back up desktop and laptop data to disk. 10 to 100s of workstations. Centrally managed. Flexible policies for different workgroups
  • P5 Archive - Move or migrate data offline to disk and tape. Browse previews. Search by metadata/description. Cloning for off-site storage. Optional user access. Platform neutral data format. Data integrity verification before removal

Easy start in minutes with setup assistants. One year free Software Maintenance. 30 day full featured trial.

Offsite backup

Our offsite backup service is designed for the modern workplace, combining secure local availability with secure global access. Using our technical expertise and buying power, we have partnered with a market-leading cloud provider to be able to offer our clients a value-added service for their backup and storage peace of mind.

Users always store business data on laptops and desktops, even when they shouldn’t. The adoption of corporate laptops and 'bring your own device' only increases the amount of data stored on these endpoint devices, creating more complexity and greater challenges for IT departments mandated to safeguard the business from crippling data loss.

Here’s the good news: data loss incidents can be more bearable if you know you’re doing everything possible to minimise your organisation’s risk - which means adequately protecting all the corporate data and intellectual property stored on endpoints.

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  • Secure encrypted public cloud online backup service.
  • Share Plan data sharing service.
  • Designed for business.
  • Affordable at £1.371 per day
  • Unlimited Storage2
  • Version backup3


  1. Initial setup fee, ex VAT @ 20%
  2. MR Sales PLC reserves the right to set commercially reasonable data storage limits (e.g. 20TB).
  3. By default, the public cloud will maintain up to 800 versions of your backup data over the last year, and one version per month thereafter.