MR is here to advise SMB and larger corporate clients on the most cost-effective way to move your business forward. We can help plan a strategy for future growth, assessing your strengths and potential weaknesses.

MR can provide your business with an unbeatable service when it comes to supporting and maintenance. Over the 33 years, we have been in business MR has developed a team of fully qualified engineers with accreditation from world-leading vendors who can make sure you stay ahead of the curve. Our solutions are scalable, adaptable and easy to manage.

Whether it be onsite or remotely, MR can run weekly, monthly or annual diagnostics checks on your IT setup, which can anticipate any future issues, fix current issues and make suggestions on how best to move forward and keep you up to date.

MR puts Service Level Agreements in place with your current IT staff and integrates our London-based service desk with yours. We can order parts, check warranties on machines, submit tickets and schedule repairs.

Bespoke solutions

As well as onsite and offsite engineers, MR has its own free courier service. Using our bespoke service desk, your IT Manager can book a machine for collection. It will be repaired in our service centre in London and delivered back to you. We will even provide the packaging for you.

We can integrate your company with our help desk and be your complete solution for support, including device management.

MR has the experience to create a bespoke solution matched to your resources. From early IT consultancy, through systems integration, daily support, repair and upgrades, MR can help you develop solutions that match your vision.

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