CYOD Scheme

Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) Scheme for tablets, laptops, and mobile phone handsets.


Delivered to your employees through our fully managed service, no advanced payment is required and no credit checks are involved.

With a dramatic increase in technology consumerisation, our CYOD Scheme enables employers to give their employees access to the latest technology in the workplace, while reducing the direct costs normally associated with such high capital expenditure through a fully managed and tax-efficient process.

Our CYOD Scheme is designed to provide choice, flexibility and savings, and is delivered at no cost to your business.

We can also work with you to review what technology is compatible with your internal systems so the choice employees have is an approved choice, removing the risk from non-compliant technology being used in the workplace. Once the devices, data management and security configurations have been approved they will be added to the CYOD portal for your employees to choose from.

Strategic thinking

Our fully managed service administers the scheme for you at no cost to your business, and employees will benefit from tax and NIC reductions, corporate pricing and finance rates (not high street) and, importantly, won’t have to go through any intrusive credit checks, saving up to 60% on equivalent high street prices.

The CYOD Scheme has proven extremely popular with employees who, for a regular monthly contribution, can finally use the technology they’ve always wanted in the workplace, for a fraction of the cost in the high street.

The CYOD Scheme will have a positive impact on your capital expenditure, IT strategy, APP development, workflow processes and employee satisfaction and retention rates. And you will also benefit from substantial payroll reductions through a saving in employers Class 1A NIC on the total amount sacrificed by employees, while VAT can also be recovered (if a qualifying business), to further reduce acquisition costs.

Business impact


Reduce capital investment and hardware and software licence upgrade costs. Once you have selected the hardware and software configurations that meet your internal systems requirements your employees are able to select from these options and pay directly from their monthly salary, removing the need for continued investment into your IT estate.


You will see a reduction of 13.8% on your employer National Insurance contributions based on the total amount sacrificed by your employees, offering the possibility of a substantial reduction in your payroll costs.

Help desk support

As standard, each package includes an extended warranty and comprehensive insurance. If required, additional services such as Mobile Data Management can be included to further reduce your support to internal business applications only.

Strategic spending

The significant savings that can be made by implementing the scheme allows for more investment into strategic projects such as business intelligence, ERP software, APP development and business process efficiencies.

New hires

As new employees join the business your CYOD strategy can be structured to form part of your recruiting policy. This will further reduce your IT spending on new starters, while giving them access to technology that employees from other companies can only aspire too. Integrating CYOD into your recruitment process can enhance your corporate social responsibility, helping to make you an employer of choice.

CYOD in action

CYOD refresh

By working with your own IT hardware provider you can decide what technology is compatible with your internal systems, so the choice employees have is an approved choice. For example, you may decide to add basic devices to the portal for employees to choose from as a 'no-cost device', and employees can then select from these - or they can upgrade to the higher specification devices, which they pay towards.

The savings being made from the IT budget and associated maintenance and support costs are significant, and you may decide to make a contribution towards the cost of the higher specification upgrade devices, or to pay for business-specific applications such as mobile management or advanced security software.

CYOD employee choice

The CYOD Scheme is also popular as a stand-alone scheme that is opened for employees twice a year, allowing them to select from a range of employer-approved devices so they can take advantage of a great tax efficient scheme while your business takes advantage of all the associated benefits and savings.

The final technical specifications, package configurations and pricing model can be tailored to meet your business requirements. As the CYOD Scheme already delivers substantial savings and benefits to employees, many employers decide not to include a contribution, but rather focus on developing apps and workflow processes to improve the work day experience.

Once the devices have been confirmed they will be added to the scheme portal and, using salary sacrifice, employees are able to give up a portion of their salary in return for the device of their choice.

Full managed service

Our CYOD portal delivers the latest technology to employees with no credit checks, full support and simple payments through salary, all at no cost to your business.

Key system and process features

  • Flexible portal with enterprise deployment capabilities
    • User friendly with all scheme information and transaction management
    • Online management and HR reporting
    • Contract and legal process to mitigate risk
    • Employee eligibility and validation process
    • Compliant with HMRC, FCA and consumer legislation
  • Out-of-the-box solution for rapid deployment
  • Payroll advice and guidance
  • Cashflow-positive finance solutions
  • Regular updates to meet the needs of the business

Scheme benefits

Our CYOD Scheme gives employees access to the latest tablet, laptop and mobile handset technology from leading brands including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Toshiba for use in the workplace and at home.


  • No cost to the business
  • 13.8% employer NIC reductions
  • Fully managed service
  • Reduce IT maintenance & support costs
  • Increase online connections & improve workflow processes
  • Cashflow-positive finance solutions
  • Extended warranty & fully insured solution
  • Incentivise employees, increase retention & workplace satisfaction rates


  • Save up to 60% off high street prices
  • No credit checks
  • No upfront costs
  • Tax and NIC payroll reductions
  • Simple monthly payments
  • Corporate pricing, not high street
  • Corporate finance, not high street
  • Comprehensive support package

MI reporting

Employers have secure access to the reporting suite, where they can review, approve or decline an order and download, save, export or print a detailed employee transaction management report.