MR has a dedicated team of education ICT specialists. Our team are great believers that technology supports learning. So it’s not just about selling IT products to educators, it’s about how that technology can improve teaching and learning.

We consult and collaborate with your school leadership team on what technology they currently use or want to use in the classroom. Then we look at how that technology can have a positive impact on teaching and learning. Having brand new tablets in class is great, but how do we make that technology improve learning, raise attainment and help teachers and learners achieve their goals?

Full 360-degree solution

MR and our partners continue to work with you long after the new technology has arrived. With continuous advice, training and support, we’re here with you for the entire journey.

  • Staff training and development
  • Project road mapping to ensure long-term goals are met
  • Key performance indicators to show progress
  • ICT procurement
  • Financing 
  • Tender management
  • Admin support
  • Consultancy & support of the entire network.

For details on how to book a free consultation, contact our team to see how we can work for you. Whether you need help with finance, networking, software or hardware, our team of specialists are here to help.


Some of our vendors and suppliers have very attractive pricing for education sector. Please have a look at e.g. Adobe and their Creative Cloud solution.