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Welcome to MR Devs, a short for developers. We're a division of MR with people who can help your business to have the best I.T. features, both within your company and on the outside.

Helping you work smarter

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Are you tired of your old database, which is the only reason why you still cannot upgrade your server to an OS from this century?

Would you like your internal system to be safely accessible from anywhere, from any device, not only from a few computers you need to keep buying expensive client software for?

How about integrating with systems, which you use manually so far? Or with new systems, you would never think they could cooperate with your current ones?

Automating those demanding workflows which were holding you back for years, saving you from tedious repeating tasks?

Contact us now for a free review of your current system or workflow. We will then prepare scalable and affordable options for a solution, with multiple possibilities of ongoing support.

Making you visible on internet

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Have you started a new company? Did you get a new domain, but you only forward emails to your old address? Are you tired of setting up branding and email signatures? And you never had time to set up a website? Or your systems and online presence feel old and outdated?

Let us help you to finish your set up. You deserve all the best - perfect email and collaboration software with compliance management, beautiful website integrated to your workflow, secure environment for you and your clients.

We're here to review your current set up and recommend different options to fit your need, depending on your desired level of involvement. From a few hours of showing you how to do it, to full service with response time counted in minutes.

For example, we can assist with creating a simple website using contact details and media you give us, and show you how to add more pages as you grow. We can add a web store, simple or more advanced, plug in card readers and online payments, and show you how to add products yourself. Or, we can completely custom-build your website from the scratch and integrate any necessary dynamic data so you don't need to think about updating it.

Or, we can set your email signatures and compliance disclaimers as per your design wishes and attach it to every outgoing message automatically with context set just in one place - and it works for different teams or branches, too.

And finally forget about all those SMTP and IMAP settings with obscure port numbers - all you need for a new member of your team is just email and a password because everything - email, calendars, contacts or notes - is set up automatically, on mobile devices or on your computers.

There's so much more

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People usually think computers do amazing things for them but it is really networks and software which makes it all tick. Be progressive, be forward thinking and be ahead of the curve together with a help from MR Devs.

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